Earthwork Music
Michigan's premier collective of musicians.... loving supporters of music, education, and the arts...

Heather Maloney
Simply one of the most talented, sweet, and spectacular people we have the good fortune to call a "Friend of Faux"....Do yourself a favor, and check her out!

Scott Cook
Our Canadian brother of faux. A constant source of inspiration, and road music, for us. He also happens to be one of the coolest cats around. You may have heard us cover his song "Lord Giveth, and the Landlord Taketh Away"

Mark Lavengood
A founding member of Faux; now seeking his fame, and that ever elusive tighter pair of short-shorts, in Chicago, IL.

Nameless Decade
For when we don't want to dance...

Roots music to move you, from Traverse City, MI

Badenya Drum & Dance Ensemble
The power and precision of centuries-old organic rhythms paired with the beauty and exuberance of Malinke dance makes BADENYA one of west Michigan's most exciting live music experiences.

Karisa Wilson
Karisa Wilson is an award winning singer-songwriter from Michigan. .



Yore Unlimited
We're sponsored by Yore Unlimited; crafter of fine leather shoes, bags, & belts. All Made in Greenville, MI., from USA made our bassist, Tim!

Local First
Local First has become the largest organization supporting and advocating for locally owned businesses in the Midwest, currently representing over 800 member businesses throughout West Michigan

Stiver Mandolins
Jason loves his Stiver....each Stiver mandolin is built one-at-a-time in Polk, PA, by Lou Stiver.

Field Crafts
These folks have been especially helpful with our graphic design work, and merchandising production. Thanks Marty!

Kostume Room
Wyoming, Michigan's, premiere outfitters of Faux costumery....